Fonum – New Store Concept


We designed a new store concept for Fonum, which specializes in smartphone maintenance and the sale of refurbished phones. The main target with the new concept was to increase the ecology of recycling, repair and maintenance of used phones, which is at the heart of the company’s operations. The striking oak veneered shingle wall designed for the stores, communicates the message of craftsmanship and recycling.

We planned the concept in full, including all from floors to lighting. This well planned, visually clear store is easy for visiting customers to understand. It is clearly divided into two parts, where on one side is the sales area and on the other is the maintenance services and cash point.

Fonum has over 40 store located in Finland. The first store to implement the new concept was in Kauppakeskus Ratina, Tampere, after which the installation work of the well-functioning concept has been continued all over Finland.